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  • Lol..ok..will do
    (by: Michael Mills, almost 9 years ago)
  • Hallelujah! As we daily read God's word, we are being sanctified in the truth! John 17:17
    (by: Barbara Laviano, almost 9 years ago)
  • Michael Mills! leave that group and join JUST ONE CHAPTER I promise I will do better this time. :)
    (by: Philip Bradley, almost 9 years ago)
  • UGA is Under God's Anointing!
    (by: Samuel Yusuf, over 9 years ago)
  • Testing the "tag wall" feature for UGA...
    (by: Philip Bradley, over 9 years ago)
  • Testing the tag wall feature.
    (by: Jose Gomez, over 9 years ago)
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